The Lean Business Administration (Mini MBA) program is designed exclusively for managers at the management level; based on the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program and the Master of Business Administration program. In addition, the program has supplemented and updated content to suit the new business context to match the company’s development strategy.The program is designed with 7 Modules with 25 lessons, combined with 6 activities with the Training Board, 02 experience sharing sessions with partner businesses.

Training goals:

The program aims to train mid-level managers with strategic vision, executive thinking ability, essential skills in corporate governance, detection and solution of problems encountered in practice. .

Detail goal:

  • Knowledge: Learners are equipped with basic knowledge of law, economy, society and humanities; Modern, highly practical knowledge of executive management.
  • Skills: Learners are equipped with leadership and executive skills; Skill in creative application of modern management tools.

Expectations after the course:

  • Strong analytical, synthesis, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Have skills in collecting, processing information, doing independent research to solve practical problems in the business
  • Possess professional leadership, organization and administration skills, especially in a multicultural business environment.
  • Capable of self-research, creativity and innovation in corporate governance.
  • Ability to adapt, self-direct and lead.

The course takes place within 25 sessions with detailed learning content as follows:


MODULE 01Overview of the Administration profession06
1.1Introduction to Administration01
1.2Business strategic management01
1.3Application statistics for administrators01
1.4Developing strategic thinking in a new context01
1.5Manage goals with BSC, KPI & OKR01
1.6Philosophy in Business01
MODULE 02Business leadership in a global environment05
2.1Change management01
2.2International Business Administration01
2.3Business ethics and corporate governance01
2.4Starting a business and managing small and medium enterprises01
2.5Innovation management01
MODULE 03Human Resource Management05
3.1Overview of human resource management01
3.2Strategic HR Management01
3.3Conflict management and dispute resolution01
3.4Developing team capacity01
3.5Human resources in the digital era01
MODULE 04Executive management by function08
4.1Organization design and operation01
4.2Corporate culture management, multicultural management01
4.2Enterprise Financial Management01
4.3Operational management01
4.4Project management01
4.5Marketing & Sales Management01
4.6Quality and productivity management01
4.7Information system administration01
MODULE 05Digital adaptive governance02
5.1Digital economy, Digital age towards smart production01
5.2Models, methods, digital conversion tools01
MODULE 06Management capacity development03
6.1Ability to develop and manage a team01
6.2Assign, delegate, control01
6.3Ability to evaluate and motivate employees01
MODULE 07Law in business02
7.1Drafting and signing commercial contracts01
7.2Corporate law01


25,000,000 VND  ——->>>>>  20,000,000 VND

TRANSFER INFORMATION:Account holder: Institute of Entrepreneur Instruction and Training (iEIT)Account number: 137607368Bank: Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank)_Thang Long BranchTransfer content: Full name_Phone_Mini MBA course fee

FORM LEARNING: Directly at Foreign Trade University (91 Lang Chua, Dong Da, Hanoi)