Reviewing & developing strategies

iEIT’s proprietary strategy-building methodology – integrating 23 strategic analysis tools based on a choice between speed and balance. (23 tools)

Business’s health check

Comprehensive assessment of business health in terms of: finance, strategy, human resources, culture, organization, sales, business model (trial), digital transformation guide…

Building 3Ps payroll system

The salary and bonus system meets the requirements of motivation, transparency and appropriateness based on the principle of measuring work value and human value.

Setting up target control system using BSC-KPI-OKR

Applying BSC-KPI-OKR in strategic goal management, performance measurement, work efficiency from departments to employees

Reviewing organization, functions – duties, job description

Organization for business restructuring in the direction of lean, efficient operation

Digital transformation consulting

Orienting, accompanying and supporting businesses in the digital transformation process

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