Our general information

Institute of Entrepreneur Instruction and Training was established on June 17, 2011, according to the Decision of the Rector of Foreign Trade University with the main function of organizing research activities and technology transfer in economics and governance for businesses and the community. dong.June 2012, The Institute was licensed by the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology to operate with the main functions: scientific research on economics and international trade; science and technology services; consulting and training; fostering and improving professional skills; scientific and technological information; organizing seminars and conferences; international cooperation. The Institute of Business Training and Consulting is a unit directly under the University, with the function of research, short-term training, fostering and consulting; providing consulting, training and transfer services; publish publications to publicize research results to businesses and the community, promote the activities of linking theory with practice of the University. The Institute currently has 02 staff members on the University’s payroll and many contract officers. community and collaborators.

1. Our Mission

Connecting and creating knowledge brings practical and different values ​​to customers and the community.

2. Core Values

Created in the spirit of “World’s elite – Vietnamese context”.
Practical efficiency is the final measure to evaluate service results of iEIT.
Professional in every action, research.

3. Functions and duties

Functions: Training, consulting, coaching in the fields of administration, business, commerce and digital transformation; conduct scientific research, publish and transfer research results, provide scientific and technological services to meet the needs of domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals.

Our main duties:

  • Organizing and implementing scientific research activities on management, business, commerce, digital technology and transformation;
  • Organizing and implementing training, consulting and coaching activities for businesses, organizations and individuals as required in the licensed field;
  • Organizing and implementing science, technology and knowledge transfer services;
  • Organizing and implementing market research activities;
  • Organizing and implementing activities of business connection, community connection, promotion of business network, building and developing business ecosystem;
  • Formulate programs, plans, participate in bidding and organize the implementation of projects, tasks, programs and topics at all levels, domestically and internationally;
  • Mobilize and exploit domestic and foreign resources to invest in scientific research, technology transfer, and development of business cooperation models.
  • Signing and implementing research cooperation activities, projects, consulting service contracts, training, transfer with domestic and foreign partners.
  • Compiling, publishing and publishing informational publications on the Institute’s operation results, scientific research results and knowledge transfer to businesses and the community.
  • Organizing seminars, scientific conferences, scientific activities at all levels in the country and internationally in accordance with the law and the University.
  • Performing other duties assigned by the Principal.

3. Our activities

2015 – nowStrategy consulting, digital transformation consultingRang Dong Light Bulb and Thermos Joint Stock Company
T3/2022 – nowCompleting the Management SystemART JOINT STOCK COMPANY
T8/2021 – T10/2022Implement goal control system with OKRs in 2021Safe House Joint Stock Company
T9/2021 – nowCompleting the enterprise management systemS New Rice Joint Stock Company
T3/2021 – nowCompleting the enterprise management systemHBT Vietnam Transformer Manufacturing Joint Stock Company
T6/2020 – T11/2020Reviewing Strategy and Building a KPI performance evaluation systemIndustrial Development and Investment Corporation (Becamex IDC)
T9/2020 – T4/2021Reviewing Strategy, Developing and controlling goals for 2021Artex Nam An Joint Stock Company
T7/2021Implement goal control system with OKRs in 2021Artex Nam An Joint Stock Company
T10/2021 – T12/2021Strategy development and Goal Control with OKRs in 2022, vision 2025 – Phase 1Artex Nam An Joint Stock Company
T12/2020 – T8/2021Review the organization, functions and tasks of the unit, job descriptions, positions and staffing27 One Member Limited Liability Company
T10/2020 – T8/2021Improving according to Kaizen philosophy with 5S content in production practice27 One Member Limited Liability Company
T2/2021 – T6/2021Building process systemBa Dinh Product Technology Co., Ltd
T4/2021 – T6/2021Build target control systemBa Dinh Product Technology Co., Ltd
T7/2019 – T7/2020Building a performance evaluation system according to KPIViet Tri Chemical Joint Stock Company (Vitrichem)
Q7/2017 – Q10/2017Building a performance evaluation system according to KPIThac Ba Hydropower Company
Q7/2017 – Q10/2017Business health check – assess the current situationPhuc Ha Investment And Development Joint Stock Company
Q8/2017 – Q10/2017Business health check – assess the current situationKombo . Joint Stock Company
T2/2016 – T6/2018Applying BSC&KPI in business administrationGAS Petrolimex Corporation – JSC (PGC)
T10/2021 – T12/2021Building a salary and bonus system according to the 3Ps . methodTraphaco . Joint Stock Company
T7/2018 – nowDevelop strategy and target control systemThanh Nam Group Joint Stock Company
2019Implement training and support to adjust and operate the KPI systemSea Shipping Corporation
2019Implement training and support to adjust and operate the KPI systemVIMC Shipping Company
2020Implement training and support strategic system and KPIDa Nang Port
2019Implement and support KPI systemCai Lan Port
T2/2018Effective planning and organization of workHim Lam Moc Dung Joint Stock Company (HIMO)
T5/2016Applying BSC&KPI in business administrationLicogi Joint Stock Company 166
T2/2018Building management systemTSG . Trading And Service Co., Ltd