workshop: new trends in data analysis - turning data into value

In the digital age, data has become a valuable resource, and data analysis plays a crucial role in generating useful information and effective business strategies. Applying data analysis in business not only helps companies gain a better understanding of their customers, markets, and business operations but also provides a competitive advantage and enables intelligent decision-making based on data. Data analysis has become a notable trend in the business field, not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. Businesses are realizing the importance of leveraging data to improve operational efficiency, enhance market insights, and quickly respond to customer needs. Meanwhile, many leading companies worldwide have demonstrated the power of data analysis in driving development and shaping business strategies.

With the aim of helping Vietnamese businesses grasp and maximize the potential of data analysis in their operations, the Institute of Training and Business Consultancy, in collaboration with SIFT AG Group, is organizing the international seminar ‘NEW TRENDS IN DATA ANALYSIS – TURNING DATA INTO VALUE‘ By participating in the seminar, attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore new trends in data analysis globally and regionally.
  • Gain insights into implementing data analysis solutions in enterprises.
  • Enhance data analysis skills through real-life case studies on applying data analysis to solve business problems.
  • Exchange and learn from experiences of experts and other businesses.

The Organizing Committee cordially invites esteemed enterprises and partners to join the event, engage in discussions, and benefit from the shared experiences of distinguished speakers and experienced experts. It is also an opportunity to network and interact with:

  • Business leaders at all levels.
  • Senior executives within enterprises.
  • Middle managers in various businesses.

Program Timeline: 

13h30-14h00Welcome, photo session
14h00 – 14h10Program Introduction.
Introduction of speakers, guests and SIFT AG Vietnam
MC Le Chi Hieu
14h15 – 14h55New Trends in Data Analysis Globally and RegionallyEdwina Hun - Sales Director, SIFT Group
14h50 - 15h00Interactive QuestionsMC Le Chi Hieu
15h05 - 15h15Tea BreakMC Le Chi Hieu
15h20 - 16h00Implementing Data Analysis Solutions in EnterprisesNguyen Hai Dang - Senior Data Analyst Consultant
16h15-16h25Interactive QuestionsMC Le Chi Hieu
16h25-16h50Q&AKhách mời đặt câu hỏi
Diễn giả trả lời
16h50-17h00The conclusion
Presentation of gifts to interactive guests
MC Le Chi Hieu

For any inquiries, please contact: 0329 555 272 (Mr. Binh).

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  • Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Thursday, May 9, 2024
  • Venue: Room 1001, Liên Việt International Conference Room – Building A, Foreign Trade University, 91 Chùa Láng
  • Attendance fee: FREE
  • Registration method: Please click on the “REGISTER” button in the article (Please complete the registration by May 8, 2024)


  • Business leaders
  • Senior executives within enterprises
  • Management levels and data analysis staff in enterprises
  • Individuals interested in this topic.